Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Seinfeld Apartment

from the NYDailyNews

from the NYPost

"The pop-up is a faithful recreation of Jerry's Upper West Side apartment, complete with now antiquated technology like a clunky desktop computer, CDs and VHS tapes. There are even magazines from the 1990s. The apartment’s front door also swings open, allowing visitors to recreate their own flailing Cosmo Kramer entrance."

I took the M14D bus across 14th Street and as I approached I could see that the exhibit looked interesting...

However, the line was very long and there was a 45 minute wait to enter the exhibit. I was able to look through the glass wall and view the Seinfeld "set." But, I had to abandon hope of seeing the exhibit because it was very hot and I was not up to standing with the crowd and doing the waiting thing. "Why is the line so long," I asked. "Because it is free," was a reply. 

I was about to trudge off... but lo and behold the real life "Kramer" exited the building and I had one great photo op!

I returned the next day and the line was even longer! Yow! I left... and walked home.