Sunday, May 31, 2009

more, more more

Please go to: to read my interviews with Mary Engel and Eva Deutsch Costabel.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new entry at "the digest"

Please go to marjorie-digest to read my interview with Howard Feller.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

stay tuned

Please stay tuned to marjorie-digest. I have interviews coming up with so many interesting and creative people. I just booked a doozy. 'Tis it not amazing how a delusional retired teacher with an empty pathetic life can go from zero to a hundred and find activity? Gotta give me credit...
Maybe the interviews are all in my daft head? Ya think? Nah....

In the coming weeks, many of my friends will give credibility to this new hobby of mine. Should I enable comments? LOL
I do more in one week than my anonymous commenter does in a year.... right LL? I should join that "kook watch," lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"anonymous" comments, say wah?

What kind of coward visits a blog and leaves insults in "anonymous" comments? lmao... If I say something, I sign my name. Also, what kind of fool draws a personality profile based on nonsense from a blog? The idiot calls my life "empty and pathetic" and I probably do more in one week than this anonymous jerk does in a year. How do I know? You have to be pretty pathetic to leave at a blog anonymous comments that are designed to insult a total stranger. And you have to be such a loser to constantly think using that tired and played out "c" word would have any impact.

Go read "marjorie-digest." I have five interviews I am preparing soon to be posted. Does the anonymous poster feel thwarted that comments are disabled? Awwwwww. And not to worry. I have printed every comment that the jerk has sent. They all arrive in E-mails for moderation. And they include the internet path details. For identification ya know. An IP address is included in the E-mails I receive. Ya know. It's harassment (ya know) to keep attempting to denigrate. I would follow-up... if it actually did not provide a form of exceedingly low level entertainment for my readers. Yep. I really do have readers. Ya know. Hairflip.

Blog restraining order. Keep back 20 blogs. lmao.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Robert Siegel, writer of "The Wrestler"

Please go to marjorie-digest to read my interview with Robert Siegel, the writer of "The Wrestler" and the writer/director of the soon to be released "Big Fan."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

marjorie-digest, the interviews

In an effort to make my life less "empty and pathetic," I launched a new blog:
Check it out!

Please go to: and visit my brand new blog. It is my interviews with NYC personalities... and in the coming weeks and months it will feature interviews with filmmakers, authors, artists, and interesting creative people who I admire.

goody, bans!

Here are some more recent bans:

banned in the diner on 13th Street for cutting wind during luncheon
banned in the carpet store for yelling at a woman whose dog was on a long leash (a trip hazard)
banned from the ice cream store for complaining about people who put their feet up on the computer keyboards
banned from a department store for singing "Tip Toe Through The Tulips" at the Estee Lauder counter
banned from a shoe store for wearing socks with holes
banned from a salon for laughing at a jerk talking on her cellphone during her shampoo
banned at another salon for laughing at another fool texting during her shampoo

So many bans: so little time

Please go to marjorie-digest for some interviews in places where I have not yet been banned.

Monday, May 11, 2009

the "c" word?

Ouch! lmao. Can you imagine some pathetic bored person who comes to this blog and constantly drops that dopey "c" word in an attempt to insult me?

Roses are red and violets are blue,
Dopey fool? Try calling me something new!

The lame brain doesn't even "get it!" I once replied, "My students called me worse names" and the jerk took that literally!! and said, "So your students hated you as much as everyone else."

Can we all say: IQ check?

Get lost! Stop coming here if you think i am such a "train wreck." Go play with your peers at some internet TV forum where this idiotic snark goes on all day...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

alas, poor me!

In a comment in the entry below, I was called "nature's error." The photo below of me should confirm that opinion, rofl. I love to validate and enable the weak minds of anonymous internet commenters who come to this blog to insult me!!! They are so thick-headed they STILL don't get that I love it! I reply to them and they become my charity work. Then, I make them a tax deduction. I always close comments to thwart the dopey vitriol, and then I miss it so much I open comments. I lick my chops when they fly in. Time shall tell regarding comment status....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

the "droolers"

A guy receives in an E-mail a photo of another guy's cousin at a party. He replies, "I'm drooling." (I guess she was a va voom) A woman shows up for a dance audition and after she leaves one choreographer remarks, "I was drooling."

What asses. What complete fools. They "drool" over the hot babes who arrive in photos and for auditions. Suppose an old fat tub of shit arrived for a job interview? How would they respond after she left? Would they groan, "I vomited?"

These idiots see everything in terms of the visual. They really hate women who are not visually stimulating. They do not respect them and have no use for them. They see their whole world as limited to cultivating the "hot babes."

Well, all "hot babes" get old... if they live. If they age fat, they need less juvaderm and botox as they grow older. If they age skinny, their necks are a nightmare. They need more fillers than my 40 year old pillow.

The "droolers." They drool! "I am drooling," is their mantra. "I was drooling" is their knee-jerk reaction to "pretty" women with good bodies. They are pathetic.

Here's a poem for them:
Roses are red and violets are blue... did you drool today? I am glad you had something to do.

A short story: Years ago, I asked a guy in the library how to locate a book. He basically gave me a disinterested look and ignored my question. I walked behind a shelf and applied some bright red lipstick. I returned and apparently he did not even realize I was the same woman. I asked a similar question and his face lit up and he walked me over to the area where my book was waiting.
I told him I had just asked that question and wondered why he had ignored me the first time. He replied, "That was you?" I said, "Yes it was. Now take a hike, putz. Schmucks like you are never on my radar." I then pullled out a tissue from my handbag and removed my lipstick and handed him the tissue. "A souvenir," I said. "You look so different," he exclaimed.

Which beings me to another story. In about 1974, I returned at night for parent/teacher conferences without make-up. A student arrived to the classroom with his mother. They looked around the room for the teacher. I saw their confusion and said "I am here. I'ts MIss Levine." Without missing a beat, my student replied, "No offense, Miss Levine. But, this is an excellent disguise."


I guessed the identity of my two anonymous commenters and they ran like greased lightening! I knew they were TWoP connected, realized they were no longer with TWoP... and the list of suspects were placed on a short list.

So, off they ran when I outted them as the once dynamic duo who fell from grace, either voluntarily or with pink slips. Maybe they will be interviewed for my new blog....

Now THAT would be so fun!
They will be in phenomenal company. I have a list who have stepped up and have asked to be included. But this retired woman is very busy, so the process is quite slow.