Sunday, May 17, 2009

"anonymous" comments, say wah?

What kind of coward visits a blog and leaves insults in "anonymous" comments? lmao... If I say something, I sign my name. Also, what kind of fool draws a personality profile based on nonsense from a blog? The idiot calls my life "empty and pathetic" and I probably do more in one week than this anonymous jerk does in a year. How do I know? You have to be pretty pathetic to leave at a blog anonymous comments that are designed to insult a total stranger. And you have to be such a loser to constantly think using that tired and played out "c" word would have any impact.

Go read "marjorie-digest." I have five interviews I am preparing soon to be posted. Does the anonymous poster feel thwarted that comments are disabled? Awwwwww. And not to worry. I have printed every comment that the jerk has sent. They all arrive in E-mails for moderation. And they include the internet path details. For identification ya know. An IP address is included in the E-mails I receive. Ya know. It's harassment (ya know) to keep attempting to denigrate. I would follow-up... if it actually did not provide a form of exceedingly low level entertainment for my readers. Yep. I really do have readers. Ya know. Hairflip.

Blog restraining order. Keep back 20 blogs. lmao.


Heather said...

Um, why would someone post anonymous? At least if they say something insulting they would have the balls to man-up (or woman-up).

Marjorie said...

He or she posts "anonymous" because he or she loves to try to insult me and is too scared to sign the insult. He hides like the scaredy-cat he really is.

If he had anything worthwhile to say, he should identify himself and make the comment. It speaks volumes that he posts as an "anonymous." It's typical of a loser. A loser who cannot get over me. And I love it.

I get to the fool when I talk about "bans" so in some way he must have been invested in my ban. And he did not like that I protested the action. Who else would care if I made 100 entries about a ban except somebody who was impacted by my complaints? Think about it.

The only other personality profile who would be bothered by my "Jack Torrance" style ban talk is a nonassertive person who went ballistic because I was proactive and he felt diminished by his own inertia in life.

Marjorie said...

Heather, darling.... how can i read your blog when you do not link back to it?

Heather said...

LOL I'm not enabling my profile, it shows too much. ;-)

Marjorie said...

I gather you are from BBB?