Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

From a Distance

In the late Wednesday afternoon, the skies above the Avenue of the Americas were bleak and grey. But, in the distance... the majesty of Freedom Tower was visible and presented clear, strong, and filled me with bittersweet happiness.

Governors Island, NYC

This is... Hay Road. Let's walk down "Colonel's Row."

Monday, September 22, 2014


I was just thinking about you, and now you are gone.

And I will be thinking of you... always. Goodnight Lou, wherever you are...

Hey Lou? I will always remember those rides we took to the ferry in your yellow VW Beetle!

Woody Guthrie's New York

in the NYPost

Almanac House (a k a The Loft) 70 E. 12th Street

 5 W. 101st St., between Central Park West and Manhattan Avenue

Hanover House Hotel 101 W. 43rd St. at Sixth Avenue

Marjorie Mazia’s apartment 148 W. 14th St., apt. 14

49 Murdock Court, apt. 1J,

Brighton Beach Brooklyn State Hospital 681 Clarkson Ave., between Troy Avenue and East 43rd Street, Flatbush

West 37th Street at the boardwalk, Coney Island:

"When Woody finally succumbed to Huntington’s disease in 1967, the family decided to scatter his ashes in the ocean where it met the beach on Coney Island. “This spot on the beach had been ours,” remembers Nora. “[It’s] where we built sandcastles with my dad. This is where we all learned to swim and rolled in the waves all those years ago. We felt that this should be my father’s final resting place, just down the block from our Mermaid Avenue home.”

The View South, at Dusk

NYC, Avenue of the Americas, at about 10th Street at about 7 PM...

It Was: Positively Eighth Street

A photo of West 8th Street taken many years ago is displayed in the large glass windows called "Positively Eighth Street." It is vintage 8th street.

I remember the Nedick's on the south side and the Whelan's on the north side. And as it so often goes, very little remains on the street that so many New Yorkers loved so long ago.

I walked over to West 8th Street today and took photos of the photo mural. Please click on each panel to enlarge.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Cameo Appearance

Big Brother After Dark, on TVGN, selects during the show a few tweets from twitter to display during the live broadcast.

Yetta Telebenda's tweet was chosen... and it was the tweet seen on TV all around the world!

Good luck, Derrick!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Joe Ficalora and the Bushwick Collective

Joe Ficalora, My Bushwick Art New York in the NYPost

Work by Buff Monster, The Yok, Sheryo, Tristan Eaton, Nychos and L’Amour Supreme, 
444 Jefferson Street, at Wyckoff Avenue

Work by Case Maclaim and Pixel Pancho, 447 Troutman Street,
between St. Nicholas and Cypress Avenues

Work by Mike Makatron, 1850 Troutman Street, at Onderdonk Avenue

Work by Sexer, 454 Troutman Street, between St. Nicholas and Cypress Avenues

Work by Nychos and Smithe, 414 Troutman Street, between Wyckoff and St. Nicholas Avenues

But You Look Sweet Upon the Street

Yeah, right!

The bike riders in NYC continue to fly through red lights, go the wrong way on one way streets, ride on the sidewalk, and they do not obey the picture signals designated for the bike lanes on major avenues. Good grief!

Get a load of this fiasco a few years ago when a bike rider and a taxi cab collided on the Avenue of the Americas! Look at the frustrated guy in the blue shirt and dig the guy with the red backpack riding in the incorrect direction! Yikes, do you see the woman in the orange top and dark shorts stopping and joining the tangled chaos? Look at the pedestrians gawking at the scene!

It was a mass of confusion... but I had my camera and took great advantage of the photo op! Pass the Excedrins please, Jeeves!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Natchez, MS



Stanton Hall


Magnolia Hall