Monday, September 8, 2014

Rest in Peace, Joan Rivers

In 1994, Joan Rivers co-wrote and starred in a play about Lenny Bruce's mother, Sally Marr, and it was called "Sally Marr and Her Escorts."

My sister saw that play and later wrote a fan letter to Joan Rivers complimenting her work in that show. Several weeks later, my sister received a personal handwritten gracious reply.

It was over a decade later when I saw Joan Rivers with a small film crew in front of Bed, Bath and Beyond on the Avenue of the Americas. Pedestrians were being given the opportunity to present their opinion in a small segment with Joan about some issue that was in the news on that day.

I waited for my turn and stepped up to the plate. Joan adjusted my Greek Key necklace, which she said was "very beautiful." Then, she asked me what I do. I told her I am a retired teacher.

She went ballistic. "What do you mean you are retired," she asked me. "You are young; go back to work and keep busy and do something every day."

That is a part of Joan Rivers I will always remember. She related to me on that day not as a celebrity but as another woman who was encouraging another woman to stay productive.

That wistful memory of Joan Rivers stays with me.

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