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Blondell Cummings (1944 - 2015)

I knew Blondell. I met her in about 2008, which was the year that we both joined the same women's social group. I always wanted to interview her for marjorie-digest, but Blondell was shy and modest about her many accomplishments and very interesting life.

I lost touch with Blondell in about 2012.... but I would think of her from time to time and remember pieces of the great conversations we had on so many different topics. I learned today that she passed away last year and there was a memorial for her last October that can be viewed on YouTube.

Rest in peace, Blondell. I only knew you a short time, but you truly possessed great gifts and had a wonderful spirit.

Blondell Cummings, dancer and choreographer, in 1991. 
The National Endowment for the Arts designated one of her works, “Chicken Soup,” 
as an American masterpiece in 2006. 

from Dance Magazine

from the NYTimes

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from "Slowly He Starts"

“I did not know him, I knew my idea of him.” ― Sharon Olds

Jack Vettriano, "Yesterday's Dreams"