Monday, September 22, 2014

Woody Guthrie's New York

in the NYPost

Almanac House (a k a The Loft) 70 E. 12th Street

 5 W. 101st St., between Central Park West and Manhattan Avenue

Hanover House Hotel 101 W. 43rd St. at Sixth Avenue

Marjorie Mazia’s apartment 148 W. 14th St., apt. 14

49 Murdock Court, apt. 1J,

Brighton Beach Brooklyn State Hospital 681 Clarkson Ave., between Troy Avenue and East 43rd Street, Flatbush

West 37th Street at the boardwalk, Coney Island:

"When Woody finally succumbed to Huntington’s disease in 1967, the family decided to scatter his ashes in the ocean where it met the beach on Coney Island. “This spot on the beach had been ours,” remembers Nora. “[It’s] where we built sandcastles with my dad. This is where we all learned to swim and rolled in the waves all those years ago. We felt that this should be my father’s final resting place, just down the block from our Mermaid Avenue home.”

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