Sunday, May 3, 2009

the "droolers"

A guy receives in an E-mail a photo of another guy's cousin at a party. He replies, "I'm drooling." (I guess she was a va voom) A woman shows up for a dance audition and after she leaves one choreographer remarks, "I was drooling."

What asses. What complete fools. They "drool" over the hot babes who arrive in photos and for auditions. Suppose an old fat tub of shit arrived for a job interview? How would they respond after she left? Would they groan, "I vomited?"

These idiots see everything in terms of the visual. They really hate women who are not visually stimulating. They do not respect them and have no use for them. They see their whole world as limited to cultivating the "hot babes."

Well, all "hot babes" get old... if they live. If they age fat, they need less juvaderm and botox as they grow older. If they age skinny, their necks are a nightmare. They need more fillers than my 40 year old pillow.

The "droolers." They drool! "I am drooling," is their mantra. "I was drooling" is their knee-jerk reaction to "pretty" women with good bodies. They are pathetic.

Here's a poem for them:
Roses are red and violets are blue... did you drool today? I am glad you had something to do.

A short story: Years ago, I asked a guy in the library how to locate a book. He basically gave me a disinterested look and ignored my question. I walked behind a shelf and applied some bright red lipstick. I returned and apparently he did not even realize I was the same woman. I asked a similar question and his face lit up and he walked me over to the area where my book was waiting.
I told him I had just asked that question and wondered why he had ignored me the first time. He replied, "That was you?" I said, "Yes it was. Now take a hike, putz. Schmucks like you are never on my radar." I then pullled out a tissue from my handbag and removed my lipstick and handed him the tissue. "A souvenir," I said. "You look so different," he exclaimed.

Which beings me to another story. In about 1974, I returned at night for parent/teacher conferences without make-up. A student arrived to the classroom with his mother. They looked around the room for the teacher. I saw their confusion and said "I am here. I'ts MIss Levine." Without missing a beat, my student replied, "No offense, Miss Levine. But, this is an excellent disguise."

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