Tuesday, June 2, 2009


In today's Philadelphia Inquirer, there is an article about Jerry Torre going to see the musical "Grey Gardens." You can read it here and then go to marjorie-digest to read my interview with Jerry Torre.

BTW, if any of the dudes who banned me at forums want to be interviewed for the "digest," please E-mail me. lmao...


Anonymous said...

Oh Marjorie, you are just a "scream." You are so hilarious. I totally changed my opinion about you. All along I thought you were such a mental case and now I realize you were just typing for your own brand of comic relief. I feel so ashamed I tried so hard to insult you. Can you please forgive me?

Your digest is inspired and sublime. I admire you and all of your talents. I apologize for being so silly and foolish and for allowing myself to let my childish emotions and my personal emotional investments in "the bans" provoke me to leave such nonsense at your glorious blog.

Can I please be your best fwiend? Even better, please interview me. I promise to act normal.

Marjorie said...

Oh darling dear... there is nothing to forgive. I wear a shield of "Gardol" at my computer. And your worst and most hurtful intended insult had zip impact.

'Tis an acquired art not to let comments posted under an anonymous umbrella bother us.

Of course I will interview you. I am always interested in recovering rageaholics.