Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Brother 11

Big Brother has to be the biggest and most asinine show ever aired on network television. It'a a game of human dominoes. "He goes, then she goes, then he goes, then you may go." That is what the show has morphed into after season 1, when the viewers decided who was evicted. When the viewers made that decision, it was about the interactions of people living in a house without this unending discussion of game and alliance strategy. I said it before, and I will say it again: Bill Paley would be spinning in is grave if he knew how his once named "Tiffany" network had deterioriated.

And over at TWoP, members are discussing the show as if they were on the Warren Commission. No, that analogy is not right. But, I wil leave it in because I think it is sort of funny.

And the moderator, TWoP Mars, is putting big black bars through what I assume is egregious commentary. Well, I will give him/her? this. He/she seems a bit less angry and nasty than that Miss Alli. She really had a bitter edge. She thrived on her dopey power at TWoP. She was always scolding me for putting a comment in the wrong thread. Whatever happened to her?

All those mods must have discussed my banning. I know they did. How do I know? Barnes once made a comment at my blog and revealed my TWoP login name. She could only know that if they all had been well aware of my TWoP ban rants and researched my TWoP history. So let me wave to any of them who may still read this blog. I hope they read the "digest." Any mods want to be interviewed for that blog? LMAO.

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