Sunday, January 24, 2010

hellooooooooo, anonymous commenting jerk!

I haven't heard from you in quite some time. I miss you. You are great comic relief.

This was in the NY Post today:
Liskula in the news

The last I heard from you, you had sent me this:

"Anonymous said...
Shit or get off the pot already. If there was any way you could determine my identity you would have done so by now.
Liskula's case in no way resembles yours. She's a successful model who did nothing to encourage the online attacks against her. You're a pathetic old loon who has begged me -- over and over again -- to continue commenting because it is the only attention you receive in your miserable lonely life."

And so that is your dopey excuse for trying to insult me in jerky jerk comments? If you think I was begging for attention in my lonely and pathetic life, why not write, "Good job." I know why. Because you are ANGRY. I have rachmanus.

Like I would waste a dime on legal fees exposing YOUR identity. LMAO, scram. I have an interview to do today...

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