Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hi, anonymous commenter!

I am going to soon open comments to all, so you can give it ya best shot. You need me, and opening comments for you makes you my charity work. Did you know I made you a tax deduction on my 2009 return? Now be creative and up the ugly! I am depending on you!
Why are you so angry with me, my bubaleh? Did I get you fired? Did I shine a light on your job? Did I outwit you at a forum? Did I outplay you in a chatroom? Did I outlast you in a comment war? I sure do rile you up, heh?

Get over me putz! I dig ya comments though. They reinforce what a pathetic fool you are....


Marjorie said...

Boo! lmao

Marjorie said...

Seymour, get over me already! I gave you back the 5 carat diamond ring. I had enough of my own money to buy a 6 carat diamond ring. Take a hike!