Monday, April 11, 2011

SlushPile Hell: The Latest

Query sent to the agent known as "SlushPile Hell":
"How do you think it would be to live without emotions?"

SlushPile Hell's "witty" reply:
"You do know I’m a literary agent, right?"

Wow! I am impressed by that reply! You did a double duke! You are saying we should all know that literary agents have no emotions and you seem proud of it! You owned having no emotions and at the same time assigned that characteristic to all literary agents!

Oh, my! You empowered yourself! Most people would feel embarrassed to say they have no emotions, but you apparently are proud of it! You think you are so great you put yourself on some dopey pedestal. But, guess what? You're a horse's ass.

SPH jerk... your comebacks impress less than Charlie Sheen's show at Radio City Music Hall. You couldn't do 30 seconds at an open mic night and your whole shtik jumped the shark. Give it up already. Go throw out the roach motels.

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