Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Great Walls of NYC

"Murals, in all their variety, decorate outside walls, hallways, auditoriums and even stairwells in schools throughout the city. They celebrate diversity, capture characters in favorite stories, reflect the communities where students live and the subjects they are studying, and illustrate important events and even important ideas."

The PS 97 mural. I was a teacher at PS 97 from 1989 - 1999.

And the PS 51 mural. I was a teacher at PS 51 from 1971 - 1985. 
The photo below the mural was taken on the 1972 graduation day. 

The children at PS 51 painted a wall. 
Then, a story about the wall mural appeared in a children's magazine.
The photo above is of me and a student. It was taken in 1972, after the graduation that year.  
The wall mural is clearly visible in the background.
(The students painted the wall, the illustration of the wall for the periodical was I think by J. Robinson)

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