Sunday, May 9, 2010


I love the smell of "comments disabled" in the morning! lmao Thwarted much? rofl
I need my comments enabled! Without my fan mail, I am so bored!
My number one fan gives me a reason to blog!
He is my motivation!

Without his perverse commentary... I am a lost soul in this naked city... with nothing to do but to post my old photos dripping with cellulite.

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Morrie Storch said...

I see you have a fan club. This sounds like a disgruntled former employee. Did you get somebody fired? Gee, I never knew you had so much influence.

This is a maniac who feels in some way that you hurt him or damaged him. This person feels involved with you. This person is the delusional one and this person really is sick.

Might be worthwhile to run over the E-mails for moderation you got with the internet data details over to the 10th. It's traceable, difficult but not impossible.

Speak to Mark Ebner, isn't he a licensed private investigator?