Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back Views

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Tree of Heaven in the back courtyard behind my apartment building that grew for almost five decades was removed because it was declared unstable and was at risk of falling.

Many of us in this building are sad that the beautiful view we enjoyed for so many years is gone... and now what remains are bleak views of only walls, other windows, and concrete.

My neighbor, Bee Kaye, provided for this blog some absolutely beautiful photos that she took over the years of her view of the tree from her apartment window.

The images in her gorgeous photos show the tree in all seasons. The first photo shows the leafless branches of that tree in late autumn and the next two photos show the tree covered in a few inches of white snow on a bracingly cold winter day.

The next photo shows a rooftop terrace with the remains of the summer furniture covered in snow... and the branches of the tree do not obscure that view.

The next photo shows the tree as it casts a highly defined shadow on a red brick wall.

The tree was the home to several mourning doves, and on many warm mornings I was awakened by their sweet sounds when they flew out of that tree and rested on the fire escape right outside my window.

The last photo shows the tree in all it's green glory... and that is how I will always remember the tree.

All photos in this entry: © Bee Kaye 2013

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