Friday, October 31, 2014

A Joyce Johnson Sighting

This afternoon, at about 4 PM... I entered the #1 subway train station at 18th Street in NYC. I recognized one of the women sitting on a bench with another woman and they were also waiting for the uptown train. I asked: "Joyce?" She looked up and replied: "Yes?" It was Joyce Johnson!

I told her that I heard her speak at Columbia University a few years ago about Jack Kerouac and then I walked further up the platform. I just did not want to intrude.

About a minute later, she and her friend got up from the bench and walked in my direction. I spoke with her for about a minute about Barnard, because my cousin was the president of the Barnard alumni association and then she walked off with her friend. Then, the train came.

I was disappointed I did not have my camera with me... it was a bittersweet moment. Indeed. 

This is a photo I took of Joyce Johnson in February 2011, at Columbia University, when she read from "Visions of Cody."

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