Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Richard Lewis at a Barnes & Noble book signing

the book: Reflections from Hell
the location: Union Square

As I walked across the Avenue of the Americas, the view to the right was fantastic!

Artie Lange was there!

The group was waiting!

The book discussion began! Richard Lewis spoke first and entertained us with funny stories and then his illustrator, Carl Nicholas Titolo, talked for a while. 

After the Q & A, we waited on a line to get our books signed. I looked out the window, across Union Square, and took advantage of a great photo op!

When it was my turn, I asked Richard Lewis to sign my book "to Yetta Telebenda/Cookie Lipschitz" who are the two characters I am when I do my live broadcast at VaughnLive. I told him I am OCD Patient Zero and I put on plastic gloves before I use my own toothbrush! He laughed and he took "my card" and said he would watch my show! From his mouth to G-d's ear! 

I walked home and my Tourette's was kicking triple time! Good times!

Richard Lewis said he and Larry David loved The Phil Silvers show. 

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