Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Mandela Effect: my opinion

I think the Mandela Effect is the universe's way of rewriting history. And I do not think we are even capable of understanding it fully right now.... in the same way a goldfish is not even able to understand the simplest concept: that 1 + 1 = 2.

I think the blueprint of the universe was "created" and we were placed here to "live" through it but we went "rogue" and changed the prewritten timeline in an infinite number of ways. In some ways we made it better and in some ways we made it much much worse.

The big changes caused ripple effects in smaller ways which we experience as "The Mandela Effect." We are constantly passing through quantum wormholes to parallel universes (where all time exists at the same time and the past, present and future are all there) and we take with us memories of things being different because in each parallel universe historical events are slightly changed.

Some of us are unconsciously trying to get the universe back to the blueprint..... which was a place with no evil. We created the evil. And I think that when we succeed, death will also be over (which is an escape hatch to reincarnation because consciousness must always be present to create the universe) and we will be immortal in a "Nirvana."

This is to be continued..... and I will touch on what I call THE BIGGER PICTURE.

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