Sunday, August 23, 2009

my anonymous commenter, be warned!

I printed every one of the E-mails when I received a notification that a comment arrived for moderation. Each one contains your IP address in an internet path, buddy-boy!

So you too can be exposed... if I gave a hoot.

Liskula rules!

Now tell me about your great love for TWoP and narrow down my short list of suspects. How did your association with TWoP impact your life? Did my ban and subsequent rant about TWoP spoil your fun?????? Rip off your mask, cyber-coward... Crawl back out from under that rock.


Anonymous said...

Shit or get off the pot already. If there was any way you could determine my identity you would have done so by now.

Liskula's case in no way resembles yours. She's a successful model who did nothing to encourage the online attacks against her. You're a pathetic old loon who has begged me -- over and over again -- to continue commenting because it is the only attention you receive in your miserable lonely life.

Marjorie said...

I would have done so by now? Darling, I don't give a sh*t. You are not worth the legal fees. You are just some internet schmuck. You are so stupid you cannot even realize I am being tongue-in-cheek. You think I care who a pisher like you is? I wipe my fat ass with your dopey comments, LOL.

Your comments are not the only attention I receive. Obviously you have not read marjorie-digest. LMAO.
You are better than a valium. Some things never change, jerky jerk. LOL.
Your comments would not even be appreciated on The Gong Show. Not even a Howard Stern roast would hire you.
But glad to see I still have you fixated... I am honored.

Marjorie said...

Yes, I do adore your comments. Because it validates that somehow someway I got to you. I did something to incur your wrath. And I believe it was my letters to TWoP that got you so angry.
And it does give me some sense of satisfaction to know my letters did not go unnoticed and that my actions somehow impacted that site.
Your anger that appears in childish insults speaks volumes.

I missed ya darlin'. Glad to see ya back. But, be careful; ya head may explode from all that anger. LOL.
Awwww, only Google bloggers comments allowed. Thwarted much?