Tuesday, August 18, 2009

to my own personal internet commenter

Well, well, well, congratulations are in order for Liskula Cohen. You go, girl!

Liskula wins!

"Model can unmask blog boor":

"A Manhattan judge ruled yesterday that a blogger can't hide behind a web of anonymity while flinging the ugly words "skank" and "ho" at somebody online. The sternly worded ruling orders Google to give up the identity of an anonymous blogger-assailant who inexplicably devoted an entire blog -- titled "Skanks in NYC" -- to maligning beautiful blond model Liskula Cohen."

I am thrilled for Liskula. I had my own personal anonymous internet boor. I say "had" because he crawled back under his rock. The stupid fool should realize I printed out every E-mail announcement I received telling me a comment was made at my blog and needed comment moderation. Each E-mail contained the logged internet path from which the comment came. I suppose I could find out my anonymous commenter's identity too.

But there is one major difference. i don't give a shit. I miss my own personal freak. Waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sniff, sniff!

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