Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Grim Reality

"We all have a death sentence. If you get the right tests and recommended procedures.... all you really get is a stay of execution." © Marjorie J. Levine 2016

Is it not so that very early in life we know that sooner or later we will die? I think death has to be a huge designed practical joke.

What's the difference between those sitting on death row and those walking around on free side? Those walking around will also die, but they get to "play" until that unknown day comes while those on death row sit "confined" until their scheduled date of death. Same end game.

I really find so much of life totally preposterous.... the deluded masses walking around carefree while sophisticates invent ways to entertain us with made up stuff like opera, ballet, books and films while we are like sitting ducks carrying on like total lunatics on a great ball of land and water suspended in a vast universe.

Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor..... all lived great lives filled with fun and adventure and all their experiences now for them are not even a memory.

Death can be compared to jury duty in that the many postponements fill us with great glee every time... but eventually it gets us. We are cornered and there is no way out. I suppose the old saying is true: "the house wins every time."

Death: it's just such a "killjoy" concept...

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