Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Yiddish Walk of Fame

Here is the Yiddish Walk of Fame, located at East 10th Street and Second Avenue:

And:  from Famous Ankles

Walk this way with: Jennie Goldstein and Ida Kaminska, Lillian Lux and Pesack Burstein, Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison, Abraham Goldfaden and Michal Michalesko, Miriam Kressyn and Seymour Rexite, Abraham Goldfaden gets a second star, for being the founder of the Yiddish Theater in 1876, “Alt Raymond” and Barry Sisters, Jack Rechtzeit and Mike Burstyn,   Max Bozyk and Rose Bozyk, Boris Thomashevsky and Bessie Thomashevsky, Ed Fuchs and Rebecca Richman Shulon Seckoa (possibly Sholum Secunda) and Peretz Sandler, Molly Picon and Jacob Kalich,  Leon Liebgold and Lilly Lilyana, Mary Soreanu and Lucy Levine, Irving Jacobson and Ben Bonas/Ben Donus and Mina Bern, Ludwig Satz and Moishe Oysher, David Kessler and Zvi Scooler, Herman Yablokoff and Bella Meisel, Alexander Olshanetsky and Abe Ellstein,  Mischa Gehrman and Lucy Gehrman, Joseph Rumshinsky and Arnold Perlmutter, Jacob Jacobs and Betty Jacobs, Maurice Schwartz Henrietta Jacobson, and Julius Adler Daniel Libeskin!!

Take a look!

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