Friday, July 25, 2008

he goes, she goes, you go, he goes, she goes...

I am adding another TV show to my list in the "Vast Wasteland": Big Brother. What an asinine show. The "Houseguests" sit around and discuss "strategy" all day in their personal game of human dominoes. They whisper to each other like they are discussing the name of the second shooter at the grassy knoll. And millions of people watch which Houseguests will be evicted each week with more eager anticipation than listeners did when trying to tune in to hear "Tokyo Rose."
And from what I understand, when the HGs deviate from that topic... production calls them into the Diary Room and tells them to stick to the discussion of "strategy." So, the show starts out with 13 players and the "game" of human dominoes continues for 3 months... with no intellectual stimulation provided of any kind. I would go into cardiac arrest if once I heard those dolts discussing politics. I wonder if a theoretical physicist or rocket scientist ever applied to be on the show. This year, they have a "mixologist." Bill Paley must be turning in his grave over how his "Tiffany Network" has deteriorated. And to think, this is the same station that once aired "Harvest of Shame."

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