Thursday, April 8, 2010

"The Mavens"

OK, so my cousin Sylvia and I had such a nebuchum laugh at what her cousin on the other side, Estelle, did. Kuchem, listen! She finds out that Dina is moving from their New Jersey 55+ community into a private home that she bought in Boca. So, Estelle checks on the value of houses in that section of Boca!!! Then she calls Sam, her accountant know-it-all real estate maven brother-in-law, to find out the yearly property taxes on the house and verifies the information that Sam told her on the community room computer at some online property tax calculator. She "flies crazy" and has a high-blood pressure attack trying to figure Dina's whole financial thing out. Estelle is telling everybody that Dina cannot afford it. "Last year, didn't Dina run short and wasn't she complaining on the golf course that her dental implants cost too much money? Who is going to pay for her grands' private school now? It gave her such nachas! And what about the upkeep on her Cadillac?"

Like this is Estelle's business? Does she even break bread with Dina on a casual basis? At Pesach, they passed like two ships in the night. What a busy-body! And she gives Dina three months in the new home! "She will plotz from boredom," Estelle declares. She predicts a meltdown in about three weeks after moving to Boca. Who wouldn't melt down and shvitz like crazy in that heat! What is she? A psychic-seismograph/frustrated financial planner?

Can you imagine being so involved in and critical of the life of a mere casual acquaintance who you only know peripherally as a neighbor? Estelle gossips like a freakin' yenta. She really needs to find her own life and worry about her own financial situation. What is she, an employee at Morgan Stanley now working on commission? I am sure Dina could speak volumes about Estelle and her activities or non-activities and her investments. It is classic lashan hara and motzi shem ra. How totally asinine and moronic. It is beyond ridiculous. It doesn't get any more pathetic. Who made her a life-connoisseur? She is a high level life-critic?!

And me writing about this is so NOT lashan hara. It is my halakhah... This Estelle yenta needs a life of her own instead of sweatin' and analyzing the life of another. Maybe she should find some hobbies like RHONY Bethany advised RHONY Jill. I would love somebody to analyze her life and finances under a similar magnifying glass, LOL And so it goes... Mah jong, anyone? Yentas.

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