Saturday, March 30, 2013

HB Studio Annual Poetry Festival

I attended the HB Studio Annual Poetry Festival tonight and read five of my poems: WHAT WAY TO GO TODAY, NAP TIME and DAWN ON SEVENTH AVENUE (from the collection NAKED AMNESIAC) and DESERTED HOUSES and TO GET TO THIS PLACE (from the STREET POEMS collection).

I arrived at Bank Street at sunset... and in the distance the view of the Hudson River was glorious. The street was quiet, calm, and serene... a perfect setting for a night of poetry. Rasa Allan Kazlas organized the event and she was most gracious. She has vast credits in theater both as an actor and director.

I read my work and mingled with the other great readers and then left and walked home in the gorgeous evening.

I had a great night! HB Studio remains inside me always because it was there, in about 1966, that I studied technique with James Patterson. My acting partner was a very young Robert DeNiro, and we did a scene from "The Diary of Anne Frank."

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