Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Players Club

photos of the Players Club

 Today, with a group, I toured The Players Club. we received an educational lecture regarding the history of the club and the interior of the club contains so many interesting paintings and decor.
It was a breathtaking morning and I left filled with an appreciation for Edwin Booth and his remarkable life.

A Certain Club

The Players Club is the former residence of renowned Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth.  The mansion is designed in the Greek revival style and furnished with Mr. Booth’s personal collection of props, costumes, and vast library of theatrical literature. 

The club began in 1888 when Edwin Booth and 15 other incorporators (including Mark Twain) founded The Players.  It was the first American club of its kind, with a purpose of promoting social interaction between members of the dramatic profession with members of other various professions (literature, painting, architecture, music, law and medicine). 

It has come to be known as “a certain club,".... at 16 Gramercy Park South. 

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