Monday, July 8, 2013

A Brief Encounter

In the hot late afternoon... I was walking home from Whole Foods and trailing behind a couple who were a few feet in front of me. The scent left behind as they walked was incredible. I HAD to put a name to that fragrance.

I called ahead: "Miss, Miss... please may I ask you something?" They stopped and turned around. I asked: "What is that incredible and glorious perfume?" "It's Bond no. 9 Chinatown," she replied.

And then she added, "You were my teacher." I was thinking that she looked about 40 years old and her companion looked about the same age. I told her the schools in which I taught and I was indeed her teacher in 1985. I was also her friend's teacher.

We spoke for a short time about that school and we shared some memories. I loved being a teacher. I love bumping into former students because I am reminded of a career that was productive, gave me a true sense of accomplishment, and lets me feel I made a difference.

Tomorrow? I am going to Saks Fifth Avenue for:

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