Friday, July 12, 2013

NYC Transit Museum's: "Nostalgia Rides"

from the NYPost:

 "When the IRT was extended to the edge of Pelham Bay Park in 1920, it allowed New Yorkers to ride the subway (for a 5-cent fare) to the city’s largest park for a day of leisure. In one of the NY Transit Museum’s “Nostalgia Rides,” which each summer offer trips to various city locales on vintage subway cars, you take that ride tomorrow in one of the exact train cars.

Riders will travel on a fleet of World War I-era cars to the end of the 6 line, in The Bronx, where they can board a collection of vintage buses bound for nearby Orchard Beach. “New Yorkers forget we can get to the beach by riding the subway,” says museum director Gabrielle Shubert. “So why not do it in style?”

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