Friday, November 7, 2008

bragging rights

subtitle: 60s hair and 70s hair, hair hair everywhere!
Well.... that's right. Another ban was waiting for me in my new mail when I arrived home from a glorious visit to MOMA. I cannot believe it. I was banned at my "hairstyle tips" forum!! I now totally own ban bragging rights!
I have always prided myself on my ability to do my own hair. I also love to share hairstyling ideas and to recommend products. So, I joined a wonderful hairstyle forum, and for months it was so much fun to discuss shampoos and conditioners and gels. I am totally addicted to glaze and gloss. I am fascinated by split ends and highlights and lowlights. I watch "Split Ends," "Hair Trauma," "Shear Genius,"and "Tabatha's Salon Takeover." I love to critique the styles through the decades.... including the artichoke and the bubble and the flip and the beehive. I know how to properly tease hair for maximum height.
I also adore giving recommendations regarding excellent Manhattan salons and one forum member went to a salon I had recommended. She wanted her hair shorter on top with the sides layered and angled. She came home yesterday and announced to the forum she now has a mullet. I can empathize. Nothing is worse than a bad haircut... but how is that my fault? We had a major typed fight at the message board and I posted (to add some wit and humor) that maybe for Halloween she can go as the "Bride of Chucky." Wrong posted reply. Banned.

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