Thursday, November 6, 2008

most absurd comment ever

me (in response to an insulting comment from an "anonymous" reader): my students said worse things to me when I simply asked them for their homework.
then the anonymous commenter sent another reply: So let's see... your students hated you as much as everyone else does... and the only person who leaves supportive comments on your blog is YOU. Yup... friendless and alone.

How absurd is this? The commenter does not seem to be able to understand my tongue-in-cheek humor, or any of the many parodies and satires at this blog. She (or he) misses the point of all my (self-effacing) jokes. Then she writes childish conclusions (designed to hurt me) which are totally without merit (based on her fantasies and dopey cyber-analysis) and sends me her foolish nonsense in comments. Does she think I give two hoots about what a total stranger who never even met me says? I wear a shield of Gardol at my computer. She sounds like a moron... and a sociopath. And in the event that readers think I am over-reacting, this nudnik called me the "c" word in a sent comment! Let me be more specific: "an insufferable old c**t" Angry much? Good grief!
Hated? I had a wonderful retirement party at Tavern on the Green to celebrate my long and rewarding career. And when I bump into my former students they tell me they wish their own children had a teacher as excellent as I. There is no greater compliment.
Friendless? I am constantly socializing with friends and former colleagues at venues all over Manhattan.
Is this all designed in some obtuse way to satisfy her unresolved angers? My response is rather crass: shove your comments up your tuchas and stop harassing me already. You are better than a 10 mg valium. And just as predictable. Go endlessly "dine on the drama of other people's lives" at message boards designed for that ongoing activity. I have no interest in your opinions.
I am being proactive and disabling comments and thwarting the vitriol. I have no interest in "supportive comments" or any comments. This is hilarious. Just a scream. I should measure my entelechy by "supportive comments?" Is that like friends at a myspace page? :-D I have excellent self-esteem and I am quite satisfied to blog with no audience interactions. I smell a disgruntled and angry mod. Go ban 10 people...
The photo above shows my mother modeling how to handle idiotic comments. And the photo below pays an homage to Max Reger who responded to a critic: "I am sitting in the smallest room in the house. I have your review in front of me. Soon it will be behind me." -- Max Reger, New York Magazine, 7-8-1974

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