Sunday, January 11, 2009

TWoP: it bears repeating

Today's rant from me, the banned TWoP energizer bunny:
Whenever I write about TWoP, some dopey anonymous typist sends a vitriolic comment designed to bring me to my knees in pain. I love a good cyber-roast, but good grief, he or she seems to not "get" my intended self-effacing jokes and replies in a serious manner, and spoils the fun.

me: "my students said worse things to me when I simply asked them for their homework."

commenter: "So let's see... your students hated you as much as everyone else does... and the only person who leaves supportive comments on your blog is YOU. Yup... friendless and alone."

me: Can we all say: "IQ check?" The comment above is a rare gem because it serves to prove my point. The "so let's see" is the biggest laugh of all. The fool is drawing conclusions about me! The phrase "so let's see" is designed for the commenter's self-empowerment and he or she follows it with some idiotic cyber-analysis based on nothing tangible. And the only time this commenter surfaces is on the entries about TelevisionWithoutPity.

So, let ME see! OK, I smell a mod... or a mod groupie who drank the special blend of TWoP Kool-Aid and his knee-jerk reaction when I write about TWoP is to surface in a villifying manner with comments he thinks will hurt me. I think: "blow it out of your tuchas" every time.

TWoP mods. What a strange collection of power hungry, unhappy, and disgruntled characters. They seem a bit slap-happy. Can you imagine spending hours writing pages and pages and pages for a TV "recap?" They bring long-winded to a whole new level. Brevity is not their strong suit. They are also an angry lot, arbitrarily banning members for their own transparent sense of fun. There is one mod who bans many members perhaps because he resembles a werewolf. I am sure he bans more people when there is a full moon. I have seen some photos of the other moderators as well... and it does all makes sense. A (former) infamous mod is in her 20s and looks older than I do at 60. She seems to have plenty of displaced anger and in her commands she seemed to be fighting some old unresolved fight. She was a bit school marmish with that goofy and hilarious: "Topic!" The topic should have been: "other ways for a young person to occupy her time." When I was her age, I never would have wasted so much time on a computer. And banning people would so not have interested me on any level. I was out having fun. I think their moderator status makes them think they were accepted into some kind of Theta Sigma Delta. They would have been orgasmic during pledge week.

No need to thwart the vitriol.! Actually, I have no interest in "supportive comments" or any comments. I do not measure my entelechy by "supportive comments." I have excellent self-esteem and I am quite satisfied to blog with no audience interactions. Bye-bye peanut gallery. Or "hello" peanut gallery. Whateva floats ya boat.

I do smell a disgruntled and angry mod in those anonymously sent comments. A coward. When I went to a mod's blog and left comments, I signed my name. Yes indeed, I signed my name. I am ordering mods to ban 30 people a day. I would love that website to be hoisted on it's own petard. And it will eventually happen. If the three top cheeses from TWoP quit, and "Project Runway" is now history... anything is possible. I do have my fever dreams in my own special brand of crazy.

The above photo: circa the future: 2028, a TWoPcon (the lady on the left on a good day banned 40 people in one fell swoop)

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