Thursday, January 1, 2009

out, in

out: TWoP
in: IMDb
out: Joe Eszterhas
in: Robert Siegel
out: forum bans
in: sockpuppet user names
out: saying "shut-up, Oprah"
in: saying "encore"
out: flat hair
in: high hair
out: Tara Ariano
in: Jeff Hoeh
out: Dan Manu
in: Lee Stranahan
out: anonymous comments
in: moderated comments
out: lemmings
in: a cheese who stands alone
out: Marquee
in: Lucy's Friends of the Friendless
out: Brody Jenner
in: Robert Blue
out: youth
in: seniors
out: Miss Ali
in: Barnes
out: blogs with commentary on the lives of others
in: self-centered blogs about only the writer
out: Sue Mengers
in: Kate Lee
out: begging for a literary agent
in: self-publishing
out: Whole Foods
in: Westside Market
out: "Mad Men" and "Revolutionary Road"
in: Anais Nin
out: fashionistas
in: wearing the same outfit everyday and calling it a "uniform"
out: Richard Meier
in: NYC landmarks
out: Da Silvano
in: Eisenberg's
out: Manhattan
in: North Carolina
out: La Prairie
in: St. Ives
out: texting
in: memo book notes
out: Julia Allison
in: Marjorie Levine

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