Friday, February 25, 2011

an explanation

This is an explanation to this.

I am Marjorie (Levine), and thanks for the shout-out. “marjorie-palimpsests” is one of my many blogs. This comment will link to “marjorie-digest,” another of my blogs and my profile lists all of my blogs.
I was a teacher for 35 years and now I am retired. I am 64 years old and I have been doing stand-up for 20 years. I really think my opinion is generated from where I am in terms of my career. And, I think my age gives me the confidence to post my opinions without fear. If I were 25, while my opinion would be the same, I might not be so outspoken. I might be more careful because the road ahead would be longer. I would have more to protect in terms of myself.
From where I sit, I do not think it is “dumb” to be so brazen and advertise rejections. I think in my case, it is funny. It fits right into the whole shtik. I cartoon it. I joke about it. It fits my persona. It becomes part of my package deal.
Simply put, if a 25 year old advertises her rejections it may look like she is a poor writer. If a 64 year old advertises her many rejections, can’t you see how that can be funny?
All of my pieces are tongue-in-cheek because that is what I do. I always come from places of humor, and in the subtext is of course my true opinion. I make it work.
I think younger writers should be careful. But, they should always not be afraid to state their opinions without fear of repercussions.

You will one day understand. One day. One day you will realize from where I am coming and it will all make sense. When you are older, the choices one makes regarding how an opinion is expressed is totally different. There is less fear. There is less to lose. I am in a safe place and there is nothing they can do to me in terms of my career. Younger people just starting out have to worry about stuff I no longer give a hoot about. It's all about my fun.

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