Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am not... Don Quixote!

and more:

Guess what? I don’t care what annoyed you. I don’t write for the approbation of others, and I do not hide and write wearing a mask. I state my opinions, take it or leave it.
I give advice to nobody. I write my opinions and there is a huge difference. I don’t force anybody to drink my special blend of Kool-Aid and I am not a cult leader. What kind of weak minded person would take the advice of somebody on the internet that they never even met anyway? How could I speak for everybody else? It was an opinion piece. It was a piece filled with tongue-in-cheek humor.
I can totally own prose that does not mean what I say or mean what I said. With regard to the multiple choice question, I happily select all of the above. LMAO
How can I “rile people up?” I wouldn’t even begin to flatter myself in that way. I may be a sloppy writer, I can own that as well. There are donut crumbs all over the keyboard. And, I don’t need “attention.” I get that on the stage of The Comic Strip.
Lighten up. Do your own thing. But, judging from the other comments here, that thing might exist in the null set. Are we sharing a bingo moment yet? Are we on even 1/100000th of the same page? No? Okie dokie.
You go your way and I will go mine… but before I exit stage left, I want to know if you are “The Unknown Comic?” He wore a paper bag over his head to to mask his identity… so enquiring minds want to know. LMAO

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