Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where did you go tonight?

I went the the Mid-Manhattan Library of the NYC Public Library.

It was actually Persia Walker who was the moderator of the conversation. And what an enjoyable evening it was! Janet Reid was very informative and showed a great sense of humor and marvelous spirit when she participated in the Q & A. She seems to have great joie de vivre. And she loves red scarves. Suzie Townsend, of FinePrint Literary Management, also joined the panel to handle responding to one particular question.

After the conversation, I walked over to Suzie Townsend who was sitting on the left side of the audience. She preferred not to have her photo taken, and I complied with her wishes and put my camera away. I managed to tell Suzie that I am Marjorie Levine and she had been "tooned." She gave me a blank look. Meredith, also of FinePrint Literary Management, said that they always appreciate interest and support at their blog. Maybe she never read my comments.

Then, I went over to the front of the conference room and thanked Persia Walker for doing an excellent job as moderator. She was totally prepared and asked all the right questions so that information could be properly provided from the agents to new writers. Janet Reid was still sitting at the conference table. She too preferred to have no pictures taken. My camera stayed in my Balenciaga bag. Janet said, "You look familiar." I said, "Who do you think I am? I am not sure I should tell you because you may throw me out." She said, "Marjorie?" I smiled broadly and said, "Yes." And without missing a beat she tipped her head in the direction of the door and said, "Go." I laughed and left.

I always aim to please. What a great evening! I love New York!

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