Thursday, February 24, 2011

Twittergate 2

Welcome to Twittergate Number TWO.

This is just a variation of what her former colleague did last spring when she created a hashtag and had that haiku contest that ridiculed a guy on twitter.

Why have a contest where it might be possible that the sender could see it and react further? Or do they think s/he deserves it, like all those who participated in twittergate last spring believed? Are they teaching him "a lesson?" I don't get "the fun." Actually, they are giving that disgruntled rejected writer his 15 minutes. They are providing encores and curtain calls.

The agent says it doesn't bother her, but it seems like it does because it's like she is going into fighting back mode when she posted the inappropriate reply. She is not really showing others what not to do. Most writers know it's not correct. But, she knows the groupies will do a pile on. Why blow it up, make it larger than life, and give it legs? Why not just let it go? Does she need the approbation and the support of the peanut gallery? It seems so unprofessional.

I asked the agent to rethink it. I believe she is better than this dopey contest. And really nicer. But, sometimes personal needs to "win" in a show of power can get in the way and surface in the most unprofessional of ways.

He was wrong and this contest encourages others to reply in similar ways. It may be negative attention, but heck... she noticed!

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