Monday, April 21, 2008

Great perks

My friend Roz just called me and told me she finally took advantage of the free legal we get as retired teachers. And what did she have them do? Draw up her will... for free! The woman is a million laughs. They will also do at no cost a Health Care Proxy and Living Will. Such naches in aging!
A great perk of being a retired teacher is that we get free legal or services at greatly reduced fees. That includes unlimited telephone call advice and unlimited letters written on our behalf. I might have them write a strongly worded letter to the decorating commitee that recently renovated this building. Who puts down a geometric green carpet with brown trim and then paints the doors a bright yellow? I am detaching a retina everytime I exit my apartment.
Another heads' up perk, from "Script Registration is one of the most popular services offered by the Writers Guild East. We register the creative material of thousands of writers each year." You may register lyrics, poems, books, concepts, treatments, proposals, art, animation.... actually anything you can fit into the envelope they provide. It serves as proof that any written material that you created existed on a certain date. Stick it in the envelope, pay the $22. and done.
About fifteen years ago, I registered a whole 3 page comedy set. I performed it later that year in a contest at Stand-up NY comedy club to find "NYC's funniest teacher," and I won.
Registering that set did not protect it. Carolyn M. stole my OCD joke and says she had been doing it for 5 years. I got even. I stole her dentist joke. Life can be wicked in the world of comedy.

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