Monday, April 21, 2008

re: "The Genius of Gossip Girl"

"New York" magazine, 4/28/08
Best. Show. Ever. the cover proclaims. And inside: "But there is no shame in a love of 'Gossip Girl.' After all, it is (and we have come to this conclusion honestly) the most awesomely awesome show ever." I guess these two who wrote the piece never saw "Playhouse 90." Or "Naked City." Or "East Side, West Side." They give a reason No. 3: "Because 'Gossip Girl' is changing the very model of a successful TV show." It is? Time to toss the flat screen.
Oh, Reason No. 6: "Because, against all odds, it offers profound social commentary." It does? For who? I would rather watch reruns of "Leave it to Beaver" or "Dobie Gillis." And leave the social commentary to the pundits on MSNBC.
Chelsea, where I live, is very congested and filled with throngs of people. I see pedestrians walking around with those "Sidekicks" or "Blackberrys" attached to their ear. They are totally oblivious to their surroundings. They are babbling away over nonsense. I worry about their health. It cannot be good to have that phone on their ear for so much of the day. In time, a report will come out that documents the dangers of cell phones. Cell phones will be to this generation what cigarettes were to mine. Why did I reference cell phones? It's a different world. In every school in which I worked, when teachers wanted to make a call we had to wait on line during our lunch hour to use the rotary pay phone. And if two writers could think this show is great TV, I extend an open invitation to take them to the MT&R.
Yes, "Dobie Gillis."

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