Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quest for Meaning
I have read many books on the subject of quantum mechanics in theoretical physics. The book that impressed me the most was "The Self-Aware Universe" by Dr. Amit Goswami. Dr. Goswami believes that consciousness, not matter, is the basis of all existence. He writes that the universe is self-aware, and that consciousness creates the physical world. You can read more about his ideas at the above links. I had the opportunity to hear a lecture by Dr. Goswami at The Open Center. I also attended a discussion at the 92nd Street Y with Dr. Brian Greene, who wrote "The Elegant Universe." He spoke about string theory in plain language and made the search for the "Theory of Everything" understandable.
I will be attending more lectures at The Open Center:
I am thinking about:
Mystery Architecture of Ancient Greece Part I
Steve Bass, MA
"Building on the heritage of Egyptian and Mesopotamian sacred building traditions, Greek civilization set the tone and pattern for the West. The Greeks synthesized the architectural form of the temple and its associated elements, known as the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian "Orders." In these two presentations. architect Steve Bass will explore the concepts of sacred and symbolic geometry as the background for the archetypal Greek architectural forms. These will be illustrated in the context of the Eleusinian and Samothracian mystery religions. Aspects of sacred geography, metrology and observational astronomy will also be related to the architecture of the period."

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