Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My "aha" moment!

It happened, and my jaw dropped. I realized I could with no doubt confirm that the people with whom I am interacting in one area of my life are total morons... idiotic beyond belief.

They are infantile bored fools who attempt, like tireless energizer bunnies, to displace and transfer their unresolved angers to others who unwittingly tap into their frustrations. They are insecure, easily threatened, feel diminished, and have very low self-esteem. They try to insult others so they can feel better about themselves. It's not rocket science.

When a moron calls attendance at an author's presentation and book signing "stalking" and is doing that in some childish attempt to annoy... I realized that there is nowhere in my life that I would allow such an imbecile to impact my senses. And if it was said with serious intent because she believes it, I feel so sorry for a person with such a sad and limited life. When total strangers have such weird and almost pathological fixations on me and my projects, it's time for distance.

It's one thing to admire a blogger's body of work... or to not admire it and close "the book." It's scary when the interest is almost obsessive in order to put "spins" on the pieces for borderline sociopathic reasons. It's creepy. The participants seem to be never self-involved for productive purposes.

THAT one sentence was my wake-up call. I may be a slow study, but I don't suffer fools and I do not tolerate adults who think it is fun to "do stupid..." unless I am a willing subject on the dais and it is my roast. I actually adore self-effacing humor.

There exists in the demographic about which I am speaking a strong relentless ongoing need to try to insult and ridicule others in the most vile of ways. And the participants are missing a filter, something inside proactive normal people that makes the activity ludicrous and a total waste of time or at best good for the short term. The lemmings and sidekicks are so way beneath my level of intelligence that to associate with them in any way within any paradigm renders me the jackass in the dynamic.

It's an "aha" moment... and the only choice is to cut them loose and not allow their layered sophomoric agendas in any way to impact my visual world. Misery loves company and flotsam and jetsam seeks it's own level. There's an expression: "they deserve each other." Nothing else needs to be said.

One cannot control what others say or do, we can only control the choices we make in deciding how to handle the actions and behavior of others. And if one can easily "get rid of them," it is asinine to consider anything else. The walls are firmly now up so the Shield of Gardol stays securely in place.

In real life we selectively choose with whom we will socialize. Now, with twitter and Facebook and all sorts of other interactive live social media, we must activate other measures to make certain that those with obtuse and suspicious agendas are kept away. They must be designated invisible... because misery does indeed love company and each day I wake-up and find my smile.

Yeah, it's sorta like THAT... it was so an "aha"moment.

And if the severely frustrated still attempt to engage you in interactions so they can feel they have won some imaginary battle that exists only in their own minds... never give them the opportunity. Just remember, they are fighting an old fight that has nothing to do with you. At some point in their lives they felt powerless and out of control. They need to "win" so their hurt feelings from long ago can heal. But it never works, because you are just  surrogate... the total stranger to whom their unresolved angers are being displaced and transferred. They will never feel satisfied because they need to work it all out with the person who initiated the feelings long ago.

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