Friday, October 5, 2012

Suggestions for Bored People

I am amazed that some people are so bored and have so little to do that their only recreation seems to be hanging on computers in sophomoric attempts to annoy others who are total strangers. It's a vacuous form of low level entertainment, so in an attempt to provide a service... please allow me to share a list of activities I intend to attend:

October 2012
Mantegna to Matisse: Drawings frm Courtauld Gallery Frick 10/02/12-01/27/13
Bernini terra cotta models & drawings Met 10/03/12-01/06/13
Turkmen Jewelry frm Marshall/Marilyn Wolf collection Met 10/09/12-02/24/13
Wade Guyton midcareer survey Whitney 10/04/12-01/13/13
Picasso Black & White Guggenheim 10/05/12-01/23/13
Szapocznikow, Alina: Sculpture Undone: 1955-1972 MoMA 10/07/12-01/28/13
Faking It: Manipulated Photog before Photoshop Met 10/11/12-01/27/13
Durer to DeKooning: 100 Master Drawings-Munich. 16c-19c Morgan 10/12/12-01/06/13
Trockel, Rosemarie: A Cosmos New Museum 10/24/12-01/21/13
Artschwger, Richard: retrospective Whitney 10/25/12-02/03/13
Princely Furniture of the Roentgens, 18c Met 10/30/12-01/27/13

November 2012
Rogers, John-American sculptor 19c NY Historical Soc 11/02/12-02/17/13
Potter, Beatrix: the Picture Letters Morgan 11/02/12-01/27/13
Modernist Indian Art: Radical Terrain. 3rd exhibit in series Rubin11/09/12- 04/29/13
Orozco, Gabriel: Asterisms. sculpture-photography installation Guggenheim 11/09/12- 01/13/13 Bellows, George (frm National Gallery) Met 11/11/12- 02/18/13
Sinister Pop Whitney 11/15/12- 03/xx/13
Fiorentino, Rosso. 16c Florentine Drawing Morgan 11/16/12- 02/03/13
Meta-Monumental Garage Sale. Martha Rosler MoMA atrium 11/17/12- 11/30/13
Tokyo: 1955-1970 A New Avant Garde MoMA 11/18/12- 02/25/13
African Art, NY, Avant Garde (re: Armory Show anniversary) Met 11/27/12- 04/14/13

December 2012
Matisse: In Search of True Painting (48 ptgs) Met 12/04/12- 03/17/13
Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925 MoMA 12/23/12- 04/15/13

January 2013
Drawing Surrealism. 90 artists (Dali, Miro, Ernst, etc) Morgan 01/25/13 04/21/13
Hashmi, Zarina: Paper like Skin, retrospective Guggenheim 01/25/13- 04/21/13

The Heiress

New York Film Festival

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