Wednesday, September 17, 2008

an homage to 1

Queen Nefertiti: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, no?


sockpuppet1 said...

You are ugly. Your blog is a psycho rant. You have a special brand of crazy. I dare you to publish this. I will kvell if you do.

sockpuppet2 said...

Yes, you are so ugly that when you look in the mirror your reflection ducks. You are so ugly the last time I saw something that looked like you, I pinned a tail on it. Oye, there is such naches from a well-placed comment.
My friend, sockpuppet3, will be back with some "you're so crazy" snaps later.

sockpuppet3 said...

You're so crazy, you babble and rant in surround sound. You are so crazy, when the hair dye turned your hair green you thought you were a tree. You are so crazy you sold the car for gas money. You are so crazy when you go to your shrink and bring your imaginary friend, the shrink charges you double. OK, enough narisha zach.