Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a letter written on a Sunday

I met KT at modern dance classes she taught in a Valley Stream basement. In 1959, I followed her to Saturday classes she gave in Manhattan from 10:00 to 1:00... at a studio on Sixth Avenue across from Radio City Music Hall. On Friday afternoons, I assisted with classes she still taught in Valley Stream. Every Saturday, after my class, I would go to have lunch at the same Schrafft's on the corner of 49th Street. I would have the same well-done hamburger and chocolate coke. I loved it so much there that when my family came to the city to see a show, they ate in a restaurant they chose and I left them to dine alone in Schrafft's. In the later years, KT moved the classes to her studio on 8th Avenue and 56th Street. The old building is still there today, unlike the first location which was torn down about 40 years ago. And the little space that housed my beloved Schrafft's vanished forever as well.
I never missed dance class and one Saturday I was absent because I had a terrible cramps. It is not surprising to me that KT concluded I had a "cold." I seemed to always have colds and to this day I get a few every year. So when I missed class, KT sent me this letter and it remains with me today. It was typed on blue stationary, which did not translate well in the scan.


nickyskye said...

Dear Marjorie,
So cool to see a Kathleen Hinni letter, it brings up visceral, sensory memories. I remember when typewritten words looked like that, can hear the clacking and feel the paper.

It's wonderful to read the details of your classes and afternoons, the geography in detail. What was the last year you went to her classes? I ask because I wonder if you met some of my other classmates who, I think, went to those Saturday classes, Kyle, Elizabeth, Anne and Emme?

Reading that letter I wonder what she was like as a person, her thoughts about things, politics, art, people, who was her beloved? A delicate question. Do you think she was straight?

I looked her up on RootsWeb just now. Here is the info:
KATHLEEN HINNI born 14 Jun 1907 died 09 Apr 1995, last residence Bradenton, Manatee, FL, SS# 119-18-4748, issued in NY.

There was one Hinni family in 1920 in Missouri.

Could her las name be Hungarian?

I hope the last year of her life were comfortable, that she felt loved and valued.

nickyskye said...

ach, typo correcting, *smacks forehead for not proofing well enough before pressing send:

Could her last name be Hungarian?


I hope the last years of her life were comfortable, that she felt loved and valued.