Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I blew it!

My audition for acting classes at Studio Dante.
My comedy relationship at Stand-up NY with Brian Koppleman.
My auditon with Robert Siegel for his new indie film. (He wrote "The Wrestler")

I may blow it all, but I still live in NYC and when I walk down these mean streets, the assholes on the crowded and congested streets who are in such a hurry all the time and walking at top speeds and yapping away on their cellphones part the waters for my big ass when I am on the move and the destination is Whole Foods. Life may be a snoozefest and I may have blown some great opportunities, but the cure just might be their Buck's tuna salad on a toasted onion bagel. It works every time.
Now Jeeves, draw my bath! The day awaits: "Moving Midway."

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