Thursday, September 25, 2008

news flash!

Hot off the presses: this comment just in from "Anonymous":
"You are an insufferable old c**t and everyone wishes you would die."
OUCH! (He spelled out the word; my ladylike fingers won't go there)
He does seem a wee bit angry! Did I rain on his power-party?
One question: Hey dude, why no capital 'c' ?
Here's a News Flash: we all die, so your wish shall one day be granted!
Now get busy banning 100 more people! Activity is a GOOD thing! By the way, did you type that comment using the same fingers with which you ban people? I am flattered and honored.
P.S. Did he say "insufferable?" I am chagrined!

I guess he thought that comment would be uber-shocking! My students said worse to me when I simply asked to see their homework.

This entry is a study in how people get their "kicks."
"I get no kick from champagne.
Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all,
So tell me why should it be true
That I get a kick out of you?" -- Cole Porter
My commenter gets his "kicks" from sending me a charientism, and the above photo shows a sillier kind of old-fashioned "kick."
File it all under: wheeeeeeeeeee!

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