Thursday, December 18, 2008

a letter written in 1928 to a daughter

This letter was written by my grandmother to my mother:
"What do you want I should get you..."
"What is the matter papa did not call up..."
"... tell him he should eat red meat, go outdoors for his health, go for a ride every night that he will sleep well."


At dusk, a dream through stained glass:
In a hazy deciduous forest, I am almost naked-
Pristine gown clinging like translucent second skin,
Chartreuse satin slippers, cheeks pale porcelain rose,
And humidity turning my hair burnt sienna.
The scent of dried lavender drifts through trees-
“Alone in nature, by nature,” ventriloquists murmur.
Bejeweled spiders, resting on carefully crocheted cobwebs,
Melancholy widows, eyes green tourmaline,
A soldier seduced by indifference...
Haunted beauty washed forever in soft pink light.

A fading fragrant French cologne-
Earlier a sweet intoxicating elixir- melting and melted.
An elusive black-throated warbler,
Pausing on a great oak, bears witness:
An icon is shedding mellifluous silver tears,
Reflecting my grandfather, wrapped in his tallit
Stirring, turning, saying, “You look very familiar to me.”

A clammy breeze passes through Manhattan.
I awaken this time, awakened last time,
Acquiescent and still, not knowing
If it is evening... or morning.

® WGAE 1994, renewed 2004 by Marjorie Levine


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent blog. It is so well-written and so filled with poignant nostalgia. It is by turns humorous and bittersweet. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. You have excellent taste. This blog is unique and filled with wit and humor.

Fran Slade said...

OMG Marge, what can I add that I have not already said?
This blog is "EXCELLENT" beyond my mere words!!!!
You`re a POET, a writer that makes one see, hear, feel, and touch the ideas you, with such skill, put down on paper for all to enjoy with gusto!
I am honoured to know this person that has a depth of the soul, the mind, the heart and the very essence of life at it`s BEST; I thank you for sharing this with me.