Thursday, December 18, 2008

SOCA, 1961-1962

These photos are for Dana, Nicky, Barbara, and Laurie... The first is of the campers sitting on the tennis courts after a much-needed hot shower. The second photo was taken of the girls on the rocky beach of Vineyard Haven. The third is a photo of two campers practicing a Kathleen Hinni choreographed dance in the tree-shaded area next to the cabins. These past two weeks, more than forty-six years later, Dana, Nicky, and Laurie found me and I found Barbara. Now that's the power of the internet. Thanks, Google!

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nickyskye said...

Oh wow, What a treat Marjorie. Thanks for the scans of these photographs. There is something magic in natural, candid images of the past, real expressions and postures, ungussied-up clothes. Reality is always interesting. Thank you.