Thursday, December 11, 2008


I saw "Milk" today and what a great film this is which honors an extraordinary man and visionary politician. Parts of the film took me back to "the David" years. I was surprised that during those times a teacher could lose her job if she openly supported gay rights. I was a teacher in 1976 who marched in the Gay Parade and I attended rallies. I never gave it a second thought. These photos show the end of the parade on that summer day on 7th Avenue South in 1976. We then walked to a gathering on Hudson Street where I posed for a photo. And that night, I went to the "Limelight" to see David... performing as Barbra and Cher.

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MetsBubbe said...

If this is the David I remember, he use to throw a ball during the winter at the Waldorf/Astoria in Philadelphia. He was absolutely beautiful and some of those men put women to shame. They were gorgeous and I had a ball helping friends put on their make-up.