Thursday, December 4, 2008

microforms, bring it on

I went to the NYC Public Library today and headed straight for the microforms room. I was licking my chops. On the call number form I asked for the Manhattan White Pages from the year of 1948. I wanted to load the film and print the list of NYC public schools from that year. I was curious to see the exact locations of many of the old schools from 60 years ago which are now vacant or no longer schools. The New York Public Library is a treasure trove of documents. Please click on the above page to enlarge it.
I was about to exit the library and noticed a quiet buzz around the main exhibit room. It was the Yaddo exhibit! Glory day! I stayed for another two hours reading and looking at all the interesting letters and papers and photos. The guard literally had to drag me out of the room at closing time.

from Yaddo's website

from the NYC Public Library

from the NY Times

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